Economic Security Initiative

Economic Security

Dallas Women’s Foundation is dedicated to helping all women achieve economic security. Economic security means having the resources, including human, social, and financial capital, that provide safeguards against crisis and a foundation on which to build strong futures and families. Economic security opens the door to opportunity. It enriches all aspects of a woman’s life and that of her family – everything from education and health to employment and public safety.

Our Economic Security Initiative is a strategic, long-term commitment to strengthening the economic security of 16,000 women and girls in the North Texas region by 2021, and increasing public awareness of the importance of women’s economic security to our region and state. So far we have committed over $10 million to funding the most effective programs for women and girls around economic security.

Our Economic Security Initiative has seven key features:

  1. Learn. Earn. Keep. - Our evidence-based granting model is drawn from premier research
  2. Funding the most effective interventions at key life stages: Ages 12-17; 18 – 54; and 55+
  3. Invitation-only grant application
  4. Multi-year grants with performance based renewals
  5. A Learning Community for staff, grantees, expert volunteers and outside resources
  6. Outside evaluator tracking performance metrics and outcomes against our overall goal
  7. Ongoing research: Status of Women in Texas, Status of Women in Collin, Dallas & Denton Counties (2018); Economic Issues for Women in Texas (2017) & (2014) and Women & Wealth: Insights for Grantmakers (2015)





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