Why Open a Donor Advised Fund?

See why some of our Donor Advised Fund holders chose to have their funds at Dallas Women's Foundation.

Trea & Richard Yip 

"Working with Dallas Women's Foundation has opened our eyes to the importance and significance of helping women and girls in our community. They are really responsible through their grant making and put so much effort in investing our money. We have made gifts to areas that need most support, making sure that its great work continues."
 - Trea & Richard Yip

Ashlee & Chris Kleinert 

"A gift to Dallas Women's Foundation is an investment with a long term payoff. They research the issues and collaborate with different organizations that are doing the work helping women and girls. Dallas Women's Foundation is for everyone - both men and women - coming to the table to make systemic change."
 - Ashlee and Chris Kleinert

Paula & Ron Parker 

"Our family is philanthropic by nature; we've always given. We may not have always had a lot to give, but we've always given throughout the years. Our fund gives us the peace of mind and security that those dollars are being directed to the areas where there is a greater need."
 - Paula and Ron Parker

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