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Orchid Giving Circle Granting

Upcoming 2018 Orchid Giving Circle Grant Cycle - THIS GRANT CYCLE IS NOW CLOSED.

The Orchid Giving Circle at the Dallas Women's Foundation seeks to fund proposals for programs from North Texas-based nonprofit organizations located in the Dallas, Collin and Tarrant Counties that empower Asian women and girls to achieve their potential but also support the underserved community of North Texas Asians in general. Orchid grantmaking is limited to $15,000 per nonprofit per year. Please click here to view content of the online application.

 Important Dates:

Online application available: March 5, 2018 at 10 a.m.

Deadline to request a login account: April 18, 2018 at noon

Application submission deadline: April 19, 2018 at noon

For questions regarding your submission, please contact Orchid Giving Circle Fund Grants Chair, Sejal Desai at sdesai@cftexas.org




2017 Granting Highlights

Together, we worked to transform the North Texas Asian community through nine grants totaling $112,000! 

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Asian Breast Health Outreach Project (ABHOP)
Program operating expenses
Grant Amount: $15,000
Category: Women’s Health

The grant will support an Asian Breast Health Outreach Project which serves to empower the Asian community with knowledge and implementation of the early detection of breast cancer.  In 2016, ABHOP provided mammogram access and conducted 551 screenings, 282 of which were free for those who qualify and found 13 breast cancers, an aggressive detection rate. ABHOP is the only breast health program in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that is tailored to help the Asian community access breast care.



Catholic Charities Fort Worth
Refugee Match Grant
Grant Amount: $15,000
Category: Refugees

The grant will help Asian refugees in Tarrant County reach economic self-sufficiency within 6 months of arrival into the US. The program offers employment support, case management services and limited financial assistance as the family strives for self-sufficiency.  A personalized plan is created by case managers with each family.  Program funding will be leveraged through a matching grant from Federal government’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). CCFW must match 50% of each dollar given by ORR through in-kind donations, volunteer hours and private donations.



Domestic violence advocacy and Legal Services Program to support South Asian women.
Grant Request: $15,000
Category: Women, Domestic Violence

This grant is for Chetna's domestic violence advocacy and legal service program. The program will increase public awareness events to promote information on services available such as counseling, case management, support groups and legal services.  It will also provide specific and pertinent legal services such as filing petitions and visas for at least four women. This can be lengthy and costly for immigration and divorce cases of victims.   



Dallas Holocaust Museum
Exhibition of Manzanar:  The Wartime Photographs of Ansel Adams
Grant Amount: $15,000
Category:  Human Rights, Art, Cultural Awareness

This grant is to bring a collection of 50 little-known works depicting Japanese-Americans to The Dallas Holocaust Museum from February 2018 to August 2018.   In 1943, Ansel Adams, America's most well-known photographer, documented the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California and the Japanese-Americans interned there during World War II.  It is anticipated that 40,000 children and adults will have an opportunity to see and experience this exhibit through events highlighting internment camp survivors, prominent scholars and photojournalists and OGC Members Day. 




Health Hub
Health Fairs to support underserved Bhutanese Refugee communities
Grant Amount: $5,000
Category:  Refugee, Health

Health Hub was founded by dynamic young Asian high school students and provides free health screenings, health education, and awareness of healthcare needs in the Bhutanese refugee community in the DFW area, including children and adults, primarily women.  Services are provided by Volunteer physicians and include after care one-on-one consultation. Funds will  purchase of medical supplies and blood tests.  Health Hub plans to hold two health fairs, one in winter 2017 and one in summer 2018.   


Heart House

Heart House
Head Hearts and Hands (H3) after school and summer program
Grant Amount: $15,000
Category:  Refugee, Education, Women and girls

The grant will serve the children of Rohingya who are Muslim Indo-Aryan peoples from the Rakhine State in Myanmar as well as Southern Bhutanese Refugees currently resettled in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood in Dallas.  The H3 program addresses academic and social-emotional needs of these children. The grant will be used to serve upto 40 students, mostly female ages 10 and under and it will also indirectly impact about 20 mothers that volunteer with the program by helopng them gain skills including English language skills.   


Engaging Asian American women in civic society
Grant Request:  $15,000
Category:  Education, Women and girls

This grant will expand recruitment efforts to engage 200 DFW Asian American female high school and college students into the civic engagement program and allow them to participate in three trainings, attend panel discussions and send 85 to their national conference.  These experiences offer exposure to prominent Asian American elected officials and state and national community leaders to inspire Asian American female students to think about how they can impact their community and elected office in their own future.




International Leadership of Texas 
Professional development for Chinese language educators
Grant Amount: $2,000
Category:  Children, Education, Cultural Awareness 

Grant will support fees for renowned professional development coach to train 93 Chinese language teachers who will influence, in the 2017-2018 school year alone, 16,000 impressionable student minds.  These unique public schools require all K-12 students to be proficient in English, Spanish and Chinese in order to matriculate.  Students also learn about Chinese heritage and culture as they prepare to become global citizens.  All schools in 2016 met the Texas “Standard” for State recognition with five campuses earning stars of distinction. 




Mosaic Family Services
Refugee Case Management Program
Grant Amount: $15,000
Category:  Refugee, Health, Women and girls

The grant funds will support Refugee Case Management Program for 80-100 Asian women and girls in DFW to access health facilities, locating providers for health insurance, transportation, interpretation services and education about the US health care system and serve as point of contact for crisis intervention after Medicaid expires (8 mons). Refugees are routinely exposed to violence, disease and extreme poverty and have never had medical care.  This programs helps them learn about regular women’s exams, prenatal care, mental health assistance, etc.


2016 Granting Highlights

Together, we worked to transform the North Texas Asian community through five grants totaling $75,000! 

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Our 2016 Grant Recipients - $15,000 grants

Asian Breast Health Outreach Project is an innovative program at Methodist Richardson Medical Center that empowers the Asian community with knowledge and access to early breast cancer detection. The program started in 2001 because a critical health disparity was found when data showed no Asian Americans doing breast cancer screenings in a hospital at close proximity to a large and growing Asian community. Funding will provide mammogram/diagnostic services for the Asian indigent without insurance, breast health awareness in ethnic newspapers and outreaches, and tailored navigational services to guide next step of care in familiar Asian languages. 

Asian Film Festival of Dallas has grown to become the south's largest showcase of Asian and Asian-American cinema. Through films created by Asian and Asian American filmmakers, the festival shares the rich diversity of Asian culture. Funding will support Asian female filmmakers; encourage and support young Asian filmmakers; increase exposure of Asian life, lives, and culture to a broad audience, and develop a better understanding among cultures through a Female Film maker showcase.

The mission of the Crow Collection of Asian Art is exhibiting, preserving, collecting, interpreting and researching original works of art. Funding will expand programming for the monthly Asian Asia family days and promote Texas based female Asian artists to lead studio art workshops for three Adventure Asia family days highlighting China, India and Korea.

IGNITE is a national organization that is building a movement to dramatically increase the pool of women who are prepared and eager to become the next generation of civic and political leaders. In 2011 they launched IGNITE Texas. Funding will help IGNITE further its mission by strengthening civic engagement and building political leadership among more young Asian women in the DFW area by expanding the number of Asian college women involved in College Chapters and College Council. It will also allow them to recruit and engage a new group of Asian girls to participate in our high school program at MacArthur High School in Irving.

The mission of the Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation is to make the Vickery Meadow community a great place for children and youth to develop to their full potential. The funding will support Asian female students in the Eagle Scholars College Readiness Program who are refugees, new to the U.S., through 11 new opportunities to develop their cultural, academic, and social literacies from 6th grade through 12th grade. EAGLE Scholars chooses 30 new students each year at the end of their sixth grade year and stays with these students until they graduate from high school. During their time in the program, the students are provided opportunities to develop their cultural, academic, and social literacies.


Our 2015 Grant Recipients

Heart House


Heart House - $30,000 to expand Head, Heart and Hands (H3) afterschool program addressing academic and social emotional needs of refugee and underprivileged students in the Vickery Meadows area. This also indirectly addresses needs of mothers who can seek employment and remain employed knowing their children are well taken care of afterschool.


Against The Grain - $5,000 to support Light of Day documentary film project which will give voice to the untold stories in the Asian American community that highlights domestic violence against Asian women and children.  The topic of the film will bring awareness to the unique issues facing women of Asian origin in regards to gender based violence and be a tool for community outreach and awareness.


Mosaic Family Services - $25,000 to provide direct advocacy and empowerment services for Asian/Pacific Islander refugees and immigrants in crisis, including foreign-born victims of family violence or human trafficking. They provide culturally competent services including counseling, case management, shelter, legal services, and education. Mosaic’s spectrum of services is held together through intensive case management.


Chetna - $16,500 to expand services for South Asian victims of domestic violence to include counseling, legal clinics and medical services.  Additionally, they will purchase and implement software to assist with data tracking, program evaluation and assessment of services to allow them to improve their programs and contribute to the limited amount of research available on the experiences of South Asians living in North Texas and United States.


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