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Status of Texas Women and Health Care

In Texas, more than two million women and girls (16 percent) are effectively left out of the health care system because they do not have health insurance, which puts their health and their family’s financial security at risk. Health insurance shields women from spiraling into debt when illness or accident occurs and also smooths the financial challenges of familiar events in women’s lives, such as having a child or getting sick. Without the protection of adequate health insurance, families are often one incident away from financial hardship.

Even more threating are the implications of forgoing health care. While some have the option to get health care from a safety net hospital or community clinic, as expected, uninsured women are far more likely to have no regular source of health care. The results of intermittent or even non-existent health care are devastating: many experience increased risk of diagnosis in later stages of disease, and higher mortality rates. When uninsured women are faced with illness, they are also more likely to invest in other family expenses than their own health care, foregoing or postponing needed medical care due to cost.

Health Care Access Fund

Dallas Women’s Foundation has a long-standing commitment to support and advance women’s health, with a strategic focus on solutions that remove barriers and increase women’s access to health care and health insurance. The Health Care Access Fund allows for timely responses to health care needs of women across North Texas by funding community clinics and specialized programs, many in health care deserts. We provide critical funding for health programs and services that protect women from financial catastrophe due to medical costs. Our goal is to provide immediate and critical relief while creating collaborative solutions to help strengthen women and their families, and give them the means they need to succeed long-term.

An investment in the Health Care Access Fund supports health care programs and solutions that provide access to low-income women and girls. Programs that:

  • Serve as a medical home for the underserved, uninsured, and working poor 
  • Improve access to health care through:
    • Annual Exams
    • Well-Women Exams (including mammograms and prenatal care)
    • Mental Health Services
  • Enhance the health of the community
  • Advance medical or health care knowledge
  • Relieve or reduce the burden on government or other community efforts

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For additional information on the Health Care Access Fund at Dallas Women’s Foundation, contact Shawn Wills, Senior Vice President of Development, at or 214.525.5318.  

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